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Anya's World Adventure Book Series was created to give young readers access to the world through the eyes of a child. The main character, Anya, travels the world learning about people and cultures in different countries. With the help of Anya's magic globe (and a little imagination), young readers can experience the world, meet new friends, learn new games and collect some cool souvenirs along the way! 
The souvenirs that Anya collects will be available for purchase along with each book in the series. The author researches and locates artisans, craftsman and small business owners in each country, who make and sell unique keepsakes. Each time a reader purchases a souvenir, they are purchasing an authentic piece of culture and supporting a small business entrepreneur. 
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What people are saying about AWA:

"This book was amazing! Now we can’t wait to visit the beautiful island of Jamaica! We even did a book report on it! The teacher loved it!"
- Felicia Forbes

"This is my sons favorite book! We love to travel, but aren’t quite ready to take our toddler overseas yet. I got this book to teach him about other cultures until he can one day experience them for himself. The illustrations take us on vacation!"
- Rose Francois

"What beautiful books for little children. So often travel is portrayed as something that white kids do, so it’s lovely to see a BAME child the hero of a travel story."
- Theodora

“As a new mom and former teacher, I love the idea and energy behind Anya’s adventures! And how timely in today’s world. Passing these on to teacher friends!” 
- Cat Gaa

"LOVE these books! Wow!! Fantastic addition to the field – sharing!​"
- Dr. Jessica Vogt

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Anya Goes to Jamaica featured on

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